Sunday, November 8, 2009

As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. . . I will always keep falling in love with you.

Is this statement true? I wonder

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Its Not EASY!!

Well hello there, its me again updating my blog after a very long time. I have been very busy lately and i mean very .. alot had happenned. But i guess i'll keep it short .....


Hmmm family is good .... my mom fell recently and she is in bad condition....she is handicap for now but i hope not for long ...Inshallah ..... haiz ..... mommy becareful the next time please .... and be strong k ... smile


Work is cool .... i'm lovin it!!!! I got promoted to cpl... not only that but from VC to SC .... allhamdulila!!!! So now i'm SC CPL Faiz hahahaha Yeah !!!!YEAH!!!! I really work hard for it ..... with my family prayers and myself , i did it ..... My SAR report was outstanding !!! Thank you lord!!!! Flaunt it babey ... hahhahaha .....


Here come the sad part ......

Dear baby ,

I love you too much that is hard for me to let u go .... i'm really sincere ... i should't let you off my hand in first place .... That was my mistake .... but try to understand which boyfren can take it knowing that his love one sleeping with someone ???

Baby looking at u now just make my feelings go wild!!! i cant move on ..... your present are all around me .... i really need u ..... i really do ..... why cant i have u back .... i promise i wont let u go ... i promise i wont be firm with u as i know it make u feel so scared... i just need u .......

You know with each day that passes by, I pray to god I'll never forget who you are.You mean everything to me.I love you alot ....I'll never forgethow the first time i look in your eyes,I pray, That I feel your touch And that God doesn't forget our love....I pray,When I close my eyes,I can still see visions of you on my mind.....I pray,That I see you in another life,I pray that you still by my side.

Everything that you give to me,Only comes in a fantasy.....,It seems like life goes by so fast,....I hate that we live to die,But only God knows why ...We all have a purpose, And to see you again it'll be worth it. I love you baby

Wish that I could stop time,....I wish that I could rewind,......To the very begining of every second of my life.......To ask God on my hands and knees,To never let me forget all my special memories......,And if it's my time to go,......I don't want the love of my life to ever fade away,So one last timeLet me open my eyes.To see what my life used to be like. I'll pray that u would come back some day ..... till that day come i'll wait ....

Well people thats what i'm feeling now .... haiz till than i'll blog again ....

From Baby Bushuk

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dear Family ,friends and Fans hehe
Please look at this poster and tell me if u wanna buy the tixs. Selling at 5 dollars each .... event highlight *Model Runway *Dance COMP* After Party With DJ Sylenz And more .... Do come to support and Enyoy the party :) .... Venue : Zhenghua CC At bt panjang Near Segar LRT .... 3 Pm Till 11 Pm ....

Love Faiz

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Guys answes this question!!! Just tag it to my tag board !!!!! Whoever get the right answer
first will walk away with 2 tix for the hip hop affairs Happning on 6 dec!!!!!

Closing date 30 nov 2008 at 12 am sharp!!!!

Love Faiz


Hey guys , I'm back !!!! hahahah was away recently to london (MF) and KL .... had fun tho :) anyway nothing much to blog but only some pictures Enjoy!!!!......

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It Will Never Stop!

Hey peeps! How are you guys? Great? Cool! Well ask me! Mine‘s suck to the core … arrrrrrrr!!! Just need some who can understand my feelings right now. Lots of thing are happening now … and it’s one after another! I just need some fresh air.


There was huge commotion recently in my crew so we call for a meeting. The 6 of us which is I, Yenny, Zie, Sidik, Fadil and Yuki. The whole thing was about a small miss understanding matter such as never sms if there’s practice and all... in a sense “expecting a red carpet “to come for practices and stuff. Than come personal problem like Boy friends fighting and yada yada yada WA lau!!! Thank god it settled already. But to all of u here is my advice on yesterday situation... The way some of u shoots your words, it really needs to be filter. Look at yourself in the mirror before say something that will make you look like a Fool! That’s my advice for human like me unlike some, this will be their advice “Kerana mulut badan benasa “and of coz all of u understand that right. So please think and look at your self before you shoot your words.

Well that was not the end tho. Right after I reach ang mo kio MRT station, I received a msg from unknown number saying (this is the how he put his msg and its not edited)” my cheer babies… u guys had been activated for cheer practice on this coming Friday at 1900 hours... it a must to come, 4 up coming performance.. thanks cya” So I replied “(msg not edited) Huh? What show? Why I’m not informed of this show before u sent the msg to the rest? and who are you? after 5 mins. He replied “FADLI” than I ask him “Why didn’t you inform me before posting the msg to the rest” he relied “Y... I cnt tell my cheer ppl” Wow impressive . this part if u can see magic , u would have see fire in my head! So I try to cool down and advice him this “Any performance should be inform by the leaders first before telling it to the rest! So do every other performance I always ask you and sidik before telling the rest! IT’S A FORM OF RESPECT!:” was really pissed boy!!! After that he throw in more fire by sending me this “So wt 4 me being a leader 4 cheer” ya allah please calm me down I was praying haha so I shoot him with this “Than what for I become the head leader but don know anything about what’s happening and al?And what for if got show I ask you and sidik first ? I’m the head what ? I can choose what ever I like what! Think before you talk! I ask you and sidik first before telling it to the rest because it’s a form of BASIC respect! Than no reply for about 10 min than I received this “ sorie guys it been cancle 4 this coming practice” this part I was like HAIYO!!! So I sent “ why cancel” 2 mins later I received this “ fine yada yada yada(details of the show and all ) so that was cool I thought he was giving in tau so I was replying this “ ok will do. So you want me to do the emailing of you have done everything? “ than u know what he reply ?”You ahead n do everything.. cos i out 4 this performance .. k sorie” PenG Siak!!! Haiyo !!!! Than I replied “ and why is that so?” than he very last msg was “nt free” than I couldn’t be bothered ..

From this whole point where do you think I go wrong? I can’t believe this is like happening again!!! Esp. after helping him to cover his ass from A LOT of people cause he make a fool of him self and till today I don think he know s about it! I really thing I don’t deserve this bull shit!!! Oh well WHATEVER its fasting Month just forgive and forget!


Now a days my friends are reminding me that angle do have feelings whenever I say I’m an angel.. haiz it really scared me some time to change my life . To bring a new person out from me that no will recon. The devil in me! I really don one to be that way … I love myself now …. So people please stop hurting me … u may not notice what u do to hurt me but one good example is by Saying things which is untrue about me ! By creating a distance or draw a line with each other. I hate it when that happen . I just hope things will get better soon cause I’m running out of patience. Inshallah every thing is gonna be alright J Cause once I don care about a person than that’s the end of non-stop hits....
ANYWAY b4 i sign out i would like to shout out

to sidik “U are an X not an O hahaha

F2DM Stay strong aite?!!! GO GO F2DM\

Sphyntrix stay cool .. and be strong k

Divas can’t wait for KL Trip haha
Missing all of u la!!!! hehe

And the rest hmmmmm selamat berbuke k hahahaha

Love Faiz

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


After a very busy months , now than i got the time to blog !!! tu pun nak kene take leave !!! hahaha

OK la lets update .... well work have been good ... my Mdm have been naggy .... my senior da ORD that means more work for me haiz ..!!!! And back to my mdm , she really cannot see me free tau .... ade je keje nanti dia ask to do hmmm BITCH U !!!! Die Bitch Die!!!!

Thank god i got my friend asri and hafiz to cheer me up and also my LOGS Boys hahahaha... sound lika bouncer !!!! SEXY!!!

Anyway .... Moving on ... My last cheer show was on the 30 aug ... hmmm only sha and samy came down the rest never come hmmm sedih seh but i understand la that "some" of u busy with work and all and some stay at hujong tanjong like our kak jan hahaha ... kesian dia !!!always the last person to be updated .... hey but i wanted to say thank u for staying up late just to watch my performnce on tv (Suria) so sweet of u kak jan hahaha THANKS !!!!

Here are some pictures i took for my shows : Guess who is inside this cute bear? hahaha

HUH? hmmmm ConfuSE!!!!! hahaha After mascott

Zapin Hip Hop !!!! Cool Or Wat!!!


Da thats all :) not alot la .... the rest i have yet to upload on my lappi !!! Anyway i think thats all for now !!! I know u guys know alot had happen recently ... but i just don want to talk about it .... Happy THoughts :) k la take care till than i'll blog again

Love Faiz